Empower community care with Feebris

Our AI-guided tools support community and family care workers to capture and share precise health measurements enabling more effective care for vulnerable patients.

Image of an elderly patient being comforted by a care worker

Enabling a community workforce to deliver precision care

We provide more than just remote monitoring technology. We support the change required to achieve full value, including comprehensive user training, work-flow restructuring and clinical quality assurance.

Feebris is a great tool supporting more patient centred care. It has provided timely data to inform clinical decision making in my practice and reduced A&E admissions as result.

GP & Feebris User

It helps to reduce the stress and anxiety of the resident, reassures staff they are making the right decisions and helps us to articulate information to the GP.

Nursing Home Manager & Feebris User.

Feebris give carers additional skills and helps spread the workload. During the Covid-19 pandemic, two of our nurses were at high risk, so our senior carers were able to step-in and take observations.

Care Home Manager & Feebris User.

Feebris Mobile App Pulse Oximeter and Stethoscope Test
Image of an elderly patient having a checkup
Image of an elderly patient getting checkup
Image of an elderly patient getting checkup

Remote Monitoring in the Community

Enable your community care team to capture data directly from multiple medical devices via a responsive clinical exam and triage process that is tailored to each patient.

Our user-friendly mobile application collates the captured data to provide a risk score and appropriate escalation recommendations, empowering your workforce and improving patient outcomes.

Real Time Remote Review

Feebris powers the virtual patient round, allowing clinicians to reach into the community and gain high quality, actionable health data insights, including stethoscope recordings.

Responsive to pre-existing and emergent conditions, the platform highlights patients for priority review as well as health trends and biomarkers of concern to accelerate the pathway to treatment.

Feebris Web Platform Dashboard

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