Nearly 1 million children die a year of treatable diseases that get diagnosed too late. We set up Feebris to improve access to early diagnosis for the most vulnerable patients.
Elina Naydenova - CEO & Co-Founder of Feebris
Elina Naydenova presenting the Feebris platform
Feebris in use in India helping diagnose children

A Different Kind of Technology Company

We build solutions that save lives and improve health system efficiency. Our solutions are usable, trustworthy, validated, and reliable - values and approaches that are embedded in all that we do.

We develop cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and publish our insights. We work tirelessly to apply our research, industry experience and technical knowledge to create real-world practical solutions that impact communities for the better.

We have a world-class team that is passionate about providing better access to healthcare for everyone.

Find our more about our mission, team and how to join us below.

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Roles With Feebris

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An opportunity to do your most meaningful work.

We're always excited and curious to hear from brilliant, like-minded people. Find out more about the qualities we look for and current vacancies below.

Currently Available Roles
Feebris UKBAA Best Investment Disruptive TechnologyAdam Bacon Elina Naydenova
The Feebris Team Hard at Work
Closing Date:
Dec 10, 2021
Customer Operations Associate / Manager
You’ll join our Customer Operations team, supporting Feebris users to have a seamless experience with our product. As well as day to day interactions with users you will identify and implement new ways to maximise user adoption, contribute learnings towards the team and product strategy
Closing Date:
Dec 31, 2021
Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer
You’ll join our core machine learning team, building robust ground-breaking data-driven solutions to extract biomarkers of disease, that prevent hospitalisations and suffering. You’ll work on the full pipeline for each problem, all the way from initial idea generation to model deployment and monitoring
Closing Date:
Dec 31, 2021
React Native/Mobile Senior Engineer
You’ll join our core software engineering team, designing and building tech that literally saves lives. You will focus on our mobile app with a focus on usability, device integrations and algorithm deployment.
What We're Looking For

Your Qualities

We all work towards realising these values and behaviours everyday - does this sound like you?


Mission driven. Committed to doing something that will help people or planet. You have the integrity to deliver to the highest standards with a strong sense of accountability to yourself, the team and our customers.


Introspective. Emotionally intelligent. You are quietly confident in your capabilities. You openly acknowledge both your strengths and successes, and weaknesses and failures. You are open, transparent and willing to show vulnerability.

A Doer

Output driven. Reliable. You present solutions, not questions. You know when to think fast and when to think slow. You understand that responsibility means carrying a piece of the mission, not just walking at the side. You deliver time and again.


Focused on delivering results now and for the future. You are committed to always improving our product, your skills and striving towards growth as part of a high-performance team.


You are courageous and speak your mind but aren't wedded to your views. You enjoy debate but are willing to concede or flex to reach a consensus. You welcome criticism and are always up for a challenge.

Meet Our People

Our Team

We are a diverse team of experts across Machine Learning, Software, Business Operations, NHS, Academia and Social Impact.

Our business in not just about developing world-class AI and software, we all share a passion to make healthcare accessible and affordable.

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