For US Providers

Better Patient Outcomes

More Clinical Capacity

Our users and their patients are at the heart of our remote monitoring solutions.

Our solutions connect health workers and healthcare systems to identify early signs of change in condition, reducing unnecessary hospitalizations and costs, while accelerating the path to patient treatment.

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Our users and their patients are at the heart of our remote monitoring solutions

Benefits To Providers

Primary Care at Home

  • Optimizing primary care at home through digitization.

Benefits To Providers

Chronic Disease Management

  • Home monitoring of the chronically ill to prevent deterioration

Benefits To Providers

Highest Risk Management

  • Managing the highest risk, sickest patients at home

Benefits To Providers

Hospital at Home & Post-Acute

  • Hospital at home plug-and-play
  • Post-discharge home visit up-skilling
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For US Providers

Feebris in the Home and Community

Regular health exams significantly improve health outcomes but are often not feasible in rural and underserved communities due to connectivity and usability barriers.

Working at the intersection of community care and healthcare, Feebris’ AI-enabled platform empowers a direct care workforce to perform clinical grade examinations on the most vulnerable patient populations – in community settings, at care facilities, or in their homes.

With minimal training, care workers easily and cost effectively capture high quality clinical data at the point of care, detect deterioration, and are guided to refer the patient to clinical, urgent, or acute care when required.

Feebris in the home and community

Our Solution

Efficient, Equitable Healthcare

Works Offline

Enables risk assessment in remote locations

Hardware Agnostic

Uses readily available off-the-shelf sensors

Clinically Reliable Data

Built-in analytics ensure accurate measurements

A Sustainable Platform For Community Healthcare


Fewer false alarms

Fatigue-inducing false patient alarms saw a reduction.

Fewer avoidable doctor visits

Avoidable physician escalations reduced, saving clinical time.

Fewer trips to ER

Identifying deterioration early reduced emergency trips.

Return on investment

Reducing avoidable complications lowered costs for value-based care

*'All data drawn from a c.1000 person project implementation delivered across multiple sites.

Our Solution

The Feebris Advantage

Early Detection

Early detection of changes in condition allows prioritization of patients with the most urgent needs; timely intervention reduces unnecessary hospitalization

Mobile App

Mobile app keeps the care team informed, and web-based dashboard allows for easy integration into daily operations. Home health aides are up-skilled to maximum scope of practice.

AI-Guided Triage

Enhance clinical workflows and optimize case management with our AI-Guided Triage.

For US Providers

Home Health

Now more than ever, home health is a key component of patient-centered care, even as care teams are stretched to maintain quality with increasing workload. Self-monitoring through RPM often exacerbates the issue due to inaccurate measurements, leading to wasted clinician time and increased workload.

Feebris’ AI-enabled platform up-skills home health aides and family caregivers to perform clinical grade examinations.

Care teams easily and cost effectively capture high quality clinical data, detect deterioration, and refer the patient to clinical, urgent, or acute care when required.

Feebris' AI-enabled platform
view of mobile app checkup screen

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