Feebris harnesses AI to monitor care home residents during Covid-19 pandemic

Feebris harnesses AI to monitor care home residents during Covid-19 pandemic

Feebris harnesses AI to monitor care home residents during Covid-19 pandemic

Feebris harnesses AI to monitor care home residents during pandemic.

New Statesman Magazine has reported on the work Feebris is doing in collaboration with Care City to support elderly care home residents through the pandemic.

Feebris is integrating its AI platform into care homes in East London, bringing our tech to 840 care home residents to monitor them more effectively. This approach will enable carers to conduct health check-ups and remote reviews in care homes when they need it, which has always been a struggle to do and was particularly prevalent during the early stages of the pandemic.

"Within a few months of Feebris’ AI-driven technology being deployed in multiple UK care homes, the project saw these centres transition from having no formal process for gathering health information to conducting virtual weekly ward rounds, supported by clinical measurements." - New Statesmen Medical Devices

In the article CEO and founder of Feebris, Elina Naydenova, shared her thoughts on her ambitions to ensure Feebris is best-in-class for impact to patient, user and system.

"Our goal is to prove that - to really deliver the NHS' aspirations regarding remote monitoring, and avoid the mistakes of the past - we need systems that harness AI to support decision-making for the community workforce and the remote clinical workforce." - Elina Naydenova, Founder and CEO of Feebris.

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Feebris helps carers to identify health risks and deterioration within elderly communities. The Feebris app guides a carer through a 10min check-up, including capture of vital signs from connected medical-grade sensors (digital stethoscope, pulse oximeter etc.).

Powerful AI augments clinical guidelines and personalised monitoring to help decisions on triaging health issues. In care homes, Feebris can help carers triage the day-to-day health needs of their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also enhance the capabilities of remote clinicians

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Care City is an innovation centre for healthy ageing and regeneration and works as the innovation partner to East London’s health and care system. Every project it takes on is about improving both health and the determinants of health. It is currently working on projects to improve – variously – the built environment, community cohesion and economic development alongside improving health. Over time it wants to help to build a system of anchor institutions across East London. It became a Community Interest Company in June 2019.


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