Feebris Recognised for Usability and Accessibility in DTAC Assessment

Feebris Recognised for Usability and Accessibility in DTAC Assessment

Feebris Recognised for Usability and Accessibility in DTAC Assessment

London, UK [14 November, 2023]: We are proud to announce today that the Feebris AI-guided virtual care platform has received the maximum score of 100 on usability and accessibility in a DTAC assessment conducted by NHS England. The accomplishment not only confirms the readiness of our solution but highlights our ongoing commitment to exceeding the rigorous standards essential for operating in the health and social care sectors.

Launched in beta in 2020 and officially in February 2021, the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) sets out the national baseline for standards that all digital health and care solutions deployed in the system have to meet, divided into five categories:

  • Clinical safety (pass/fail)
  • Data protection (pass/fail)
  • Technical assurance (pass/fail)
  • Interoperability (pass/fail)
  • Usability and accessibility (the only scored section).  

The framework brings together existing legislation and best practice in each of the five categories, being introduced for use by organisations to assess digital health and care tools either during procurement or as part of a due diligence process.  

The Feebris AI-guided virtual care platform is currently deployed in over 100 Integrated Care System (ICS) sites across the country, spanning care homes, primary care facilities, community and district nursing and virtual wards. This includes one of the biggest virtual ward programmes in the country, set up across five different trusts as part of a partnership with the Norfolk and Waveney ICS.  

A recent independent study conducted by the York Health Economics Consortium demonstrated yearly savings of £0.5m for every 1,000 patients impacted by our technology, resulting from reductions in avoidable deterioration, A&E visits and hospital admissions. The study showed the platform enabled a 38% reduction in conveyances to A&E and a 25% reduction in hospital admissions. Furthermore, a recent paper published in PLOS Digital Health validated our approach to expanding community-based access to healthcare in low-income settings, reporting on findings from a project led in the outskirts of Mumbai, India.  

Adam Bacon, Chief Operating Officer and Cofounder of Feebris, said:

“We are delighted that our virtual care platform has been recognised as DTAC ready in the latest assessment, and most importantly that we received the maximum score on usability and accessibility. The achievement shows our commitment to putting user needs at the heart of our platform, and I am extremely proud of our team for achieving this milestone. The growth we've experienced this year is a reflection of our unwavering dedication to supporting the NHS and social care in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time, and we are excited about what lies ahead for the future.”  

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch with our teams at partnerships@feebris.com. Follow us on Linkedin here and Twitter here and sign up here to receive our regular newsletter!


Notes to editors

The Feebris system is comprised of: 

·     The Feebris kit, which includes a range of medical sensors for at-home monitoring of health.  

·     The Feebris mobile application, which allows patients and carers alike to carry out clinical assessments, using decision-support algorithms to ensure universal quality, and escalate risks to the appropriate healthcare professionals.

·     The Feebris clinical portal, which allows healthcare professionals to access assessment data, risk-stratify patient lists and identify early deterioration.  

The York Health Economics Consortium study can be accessed here.  

About Feebris

At Feebris, our mission is to create a world where nobody suffers because they cannot access healthcare. The Feebris AI-guided platform empowers a community user to conduct a clinically reliable check-up and assess risk, improving efficiency and quality of care at scale. Our system is currently deployed across over 100 sites in the United Kingdom.  

For further information or to arrange an interview, please contact Leontina Postelnicu, Policy and Public Affairs Lead: leo@feebris.com.  

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