Feebris featured on the One HealthTech podcast

Feebris featured on the One HealthTech podcast

Feebris featured on the One HealthTech podcast
"As the pandemic has emerged we have come to realise very quickly that the majority of health care happens outside the hospital. So for us to move towards a scalable system of preventative care we need to do more in a community setting. And the pandemic has just accelerated a lot of our thinking on that front."

-Elina Nayadenova, CEO and Founder of Feebris.

Elina Naydenova joined Clare Delmar on the One HealthTech podcast to talk about how AI tools can be used to improve access to early diagnosis for our communities most vulnerable members. Elina also talked about the importance of health technology in care homes during a time when they are coming under an inordinate amount of pressure due to the pandemic.

Elina was also joined by John Craig, CEO of Care City, an organisation which promotes healthcare across east London through their multiple partnership schemes.

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Feebris helps carers to identify health risks and deterioration within elderly communities. The Feebris app guides a carer through a 10min check-up, including capture of vital signs from connected medical-grade sensors (digital stethoscope, pulse oximeter etc.).

Powerful AI augments clinical guidelines and personalised monitoring to help decisions on triaging health issues. In care homes, Feebris can help carers triage the day-to-day health needs of their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also enhance the capabilities of remote clinicians



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Elina Naydenova is a biomedical & AI engineer, with a PhD in Machine Learning for Healthcare Innovation from Oxford University. She is the CEO & co-founder of Feebris.


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