Stories of Healthcare Transformation

Stories of Healthcare Transformation

Stories of Healthcare Transformation

Transforming Community Healthcare

Healthcare is changing at tremendous speed, driven by both unprecedented crises and rapid innovation. On the one hand, the pandemic, subsequent backlogs of unattended health problems and the workforce crisis are presenting challenges of seemingly unsurmountable nature.  On the other hand, digital & AI innovations are transforming all aspects of healthcare, from drug discovery to diagnostics and disease management.

These changes present both a risk and an opportunity to redefine the fundamentals of healthcare accessibility. For some of the most vulnerable patients, such as rural communities or older people, these advancements could either narrow the access gap or quite the opposite, exacerbate it even further by propagating bias and creating digital barriers on top of physical ones.

At Feebris, we believe the power of technology can be harnessed for the good of patients and health systems. In particular, we believe that augmenting community health with AI can create critical efficiencies and further access for the most vulnerable patients.

In a series of case studies from a variety of communities, we explore the impact that our technology is having on care delivery.

  1. Care homes in North East London at the heart of integrated healthcare: Read here.
  2. Community and district nurses in Northumbria delivering high quality care in the home: Read here.
  3. Community healthcare workers in rural West Virginia managing the health vulnerable patients: Read here.

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Feebris helps carers to identify health risks and deterioration within elderly communities. The Feebris app guides a carer through a 10min check-up, including capture of vital signs from connected medical-grade sensors (digital stethoscope, pulse oximeter etc.).

Powerful AI augments clinical guidelines and personalised monitoring to help decisions on triaging health issues. In care homes, Feebris can help carers triage the day-to-day health needs of their residents during the COVID-19 pandemic, and also enhance the capabilities of remote clinicians



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CEO & Co-Founder

 at Feebris

Elina Naydenova is a biomedical & AI engineer, with a PhD in Machine Learning for Healthcare Innovation from Oxford University. She is the CEO & co-founder of Feebris.


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